Happy Birthday Rosa Parks!

Today is the birthday of an amazing woman named Rosa Parks. On the off chance you haven’t heard about her at some point in your life, she refused to move from her seat so that a white person could sit down. At the time, it was still legal to treat “free” blacks as second classContinue reading “Happy Birthday Rosa Parks!”

So my internet went out…

It’s a beautiful Friday morning and I was sitting on my living room, researching information for that days podcast. I had, unsurprisingly, procrastinated until the very last minute to record. Milo, my amazing cat, begged for food, placing his paws all over my keyboard. After a few moments I caved, but when I returned toContinue reading “So my internet went out…”

Episode 3: Living with ADHD

All of Kaitlyn’s life she has been fighting her ADHD. She has been dealing with the stigma behind her disorder and her medication since she was a small child. Even with all of this, she wanted to share her struggles with me on my podcast! It was such an honor to hear her story and what she goes through every day.