So my internet went out…

It’s a beautiful Friday morning and I was sitting on my living room, researching information for that days podcast. I had, unsurprisingly, procrastinated until the very last minute to record. Milo, my amazing cat, begged for food, placing his paws all over my keyboard. After a few moments I caved, but when I returned to my seat I had found that the internet was out.

After a 30 minutes long phone call, mostly with a robot, I found out that someone had potentially hit a network cable. They were doing construction along my road and my provider felt like this might be the reason why my podcast episode would be missed this week.

This, with the birth of my Niece the very next day, got me started thinking about all the things we take for granted. For me, not having internet for a few days was not that big of a deal. I know a few people that would lose their minds if the internet was out. But I still had some data, not that it helped that much for uploading. And if I was massively determined I could have walked or begged for a ride, to the local library.

While contemplating this I got a text from one of my baby sisters. She was dilated to 7 inches and her first child was on the way. Once my sister in law got off work, about an hour later, we rushed to the hospital to give my sister some emotional support. Many of our family member’s had been with her all day, but for several reasons, I was not there. Luckily, Bri and I arrived about an hour before my niece was born.

It was late into the night, 12 hours after she had been induced. Our family was tired and ready to go home, though they were all giddy about the new baby. Bri and I stayed behind, giving me a chance to hold the baby a little while longer. The staff was tickled by how excited we all were for this beautiful baby and how my sister, who had just shot a child out of her, kept telling her future husband that he did a great job.

We followed them to the room they would stay at for the next few days and I helped my sister on to the bed while the new father admired his baby girl. This moment, the love in this room, and helping this new mother into her bed, brought me back to what was important in this world; love and family. Stories like this are what make life meaningful.

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