This is a safe space of learning for all of those who want to catch The Empathy Bug and learn more about the struggles of others. We educate through podcasts, blog posts, book reviews, and so much more. The goal is to raise awareness of those in the world that need out help the most, and to use what skills we have in order to promote social justice and change.

A lot of the topics talked about here will not be easy to digest, that’s kind of the point. If we shy away from that which makes us cringe then no change will every truly happen. Trigger warnings will always be given for those of us who already know all to well the struggles that existing can bring. However, if you can bare the weight of the knowledge I beg of you to learn, share, and act. This is the only way to change can happen.

“All I ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being not just with my hands but with my heart.”

Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me

What is the Empathy Bug?

The Empathy bug is like a virus, similar to the flu, only it’s up to you if you catch it or not. Once you do then you spread it to all of those in your life that are willing to catch it too. This bug changes people’s lives and spreads in 4 important steps, though the order they take is not always the same

  1. You catch the bug. It could be from a site like this, from listening to a friend, reading a book, or living through the struggles yourself. Maybe your mother had the bug and gave it to you at a young age, or a stranger showed you kindness on such a level that your heart opened up. Regardless of how you caught it, you saw the empathy or need in someone else and it inspired your heart to act in kind.
  2. You start learning more. Once you open your heart to one person it’s easier for you to allow it to open for others. Let’s say you caught this bug while learning about sex trafficking and the lives it ruins. Then you started to learn more about sexual and domestic abuse victims. Maybe from here you started to learn about modern slavery and for profit prisons. Slowly your mind starts to expand until you start showing kindness to everyone you meet.
  3. You start to learn empathy for self. This is my favorite part of the process. As you are reflecting on those around you then you start to notice the mistakes you’ve made in a different light. You stop judging yourself as harshly which allows you to show more love to yourself and to those around you.
  4. You give someone else the bug. Through your actions you will teach at least one person what empathy is. It could be your child, a friend, your coworker, or a stranger. In a similar manner to how you caught the bug you will give it to another, and they will pass it on as well. Slowly, the world will start to become a better place purely because you took the time to care about someone else.

This is the world I would like to see. Where everyone has the empathy bug and everyone does what they can to help each other out. While I may never see this world in my life time, I feel like we are growing close to it every day. I can only hope that by my actions I can help to push us to the world sooner rather than later.